Walter S. (University of North Dakota School of Law)

“I found Steve through a friend. Before I contacted Steve I was using BarBri and my own individual way to study. I figured I can pass by using BarBri only. I also thought the CA Bar exam would not be as hard as law school. I did pretty well in law school that gave me reason to believe that I should not have too much to worry about in terms of passing the CA Bar Exam.  However, I was wrong. I took the bar several times (4 times) and realized the Bar was harder than I thought it was. I lost all hope and was saying to myself that maybe me passing the bar was not meant for me. Things changed when I met Steve.  I used Steve when I took the bar for the 5th and 6th time. When I used Steve and took the bar for the 5th time I didn’t pass. Though I didn’t pass the CA Bar on my 5th try using Steve, my scores on the MBE, Performance Test and Essays did jump up drastically. I knew I wanted to pass the CA Bar this time around (Feb 2020), so for the 6th time I said to myself I NEEDED TO USE Steve again to get me over the hump. Then on the 6th time around using Steve, when I typed in my access code to determine if I passed the bar or not, I FINALLY SAW MY NAME ON THE PASS LIST FOR FEB 2020. It was one of the happiest times in my life. And I knew I would not have received a passing score without the help of Steve.  Passing the CA Bar does not only require the ability to understand the law. It also requires the ability to deliver your understanding of the law in a very organized, clear and concise manner. Passing the CA Bar also requires you to be mentally strong. Steve will help you with that! He provides precise exercises that can help improve on your essay, CPT and MBE. It is a lot of work. Steve is very detailed when he tutors students and does not horse around. If you are sloppy in your essay exercises for instance he will call you out and make sure you do not make the same mistake again. Trust me, I was sloppy and was called out on being sloppy several times. When doing the essay exercises he reviews your essay and performance test very thoroughly. With Steve, do not think you can cheat out of his exercises. On top of his attention to detail method in making sure you receive a higher score on the CA Bar exam, he is also there to motivate you and make you feel mentally ready to take and pass the CA Bar Exam.  I highly recommend taking Steve. If you haven’t passed the CA Bar exam as much as me, and you are starting to give up hope, don’t do it just yet. Give Steve a try and watch Steve work his magic in getting you a pass, and if not a pass a guarantee higher score!”


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