Andrew Kantor (UC Irvine)

“Steve was 100% the difference between failing in July and passing in February. After finishing the July exam with Barbri, I felt thoroughly unprepared. I felt that I spent an inordinate amount of time sitting through painfully slow videos and switching back and forth between multiple outlines, which made it incredibly hard to know what or how much of a subject to study. After one week with Steve, I fully understood why I felt that Barbri had failed me. First, Steve gives you ONE outline which shows you exactly how to attack a particular issue. The outlines themselves made a world of difference, as I finally understood how to break down every possible topic if it came up on an exam. Second, the process of actually going through the essays and then getting feedback from Steve quickly shaped my writing and attack process. I didn’t really understand what it took to write a “great” essay before Steve. He just made the process click and really showed me what it took to kill the bar exam. Finally, the MBE drilldowns really helped me improve on my MBE’s. Being able to target problem areas made me realize what topics I didn’t really understand, which also helped me with the essays. In sum, I am eternally grateful to Steve, and would recommend him to anyone who wants to take the bar for the last time.”


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