Rory D. (UC Hastings College of the Law)

“The first time I took the Bar I was woefully unprepared. As I started the preparations for my second go, I remained skeptical of my ability to overcome the 230-point gap between my first score and passing, with Barbri and my wits alone. I worked with Steve on the Essays and the PT’s. Steve’s ‘elementalized’ system of writing will make you a more effective writer and thinker. Even when I began to memorize the black letter law, I processed it using Steve’s system, helping both my ability to recall the law and ability to effectively apply it to the facts.  Most importantly, Steve does not pull any punches during the tutoring process. Steve goes through your essays line by line, and points out what you need to do to improve. In the end, whether you pass the Bar will have everything to do with the work you put into the studying process. That being said, working with Steve will give you invaluable tools, information, and guidance to overcome the Bar.  Good luck!”


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