Angela Post (Trinity Law School)

“After taking 13 years off from my 4th attempt at the bar Steve’s techniques and approach to writing to pass the bar was exactly what I needed.  Steve Zikman is a personalized tutor, not a one size fits all. He truly figures out what’s wrong with your writing and what you need to fix to pass the bar.  He helped me unlearn all the confusion from all the different prep courses I had taken years ago and start from scratch.  His line by line breakdown of what I was doing wrong in my analysis and how to make it right to pass the bar my 1st time after 13 years of never thinking I would take this test again was invaluable.  He showed me how I was not using the facts and applying it to the law, even though I thought that’s what I had being doing.  Steve also taught me how to attack the performance portion of the test, and to apply the analysis techniques from the essay portion that no other prep course has ever done for me.  I’m forever grateful to Steve Zikman for helping me to make this the last time I’ll ever have to take this test again.”


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