Genevieve Suzuki (California Western School of Law)

“When I found out I failed the bar exam, I felt like the bottom had fallen out of my world. I thought I knew the law enough to get through. When I got my scores, I discovered that I did well enough on the PTs and the MBEs, but failed every subject essay. I felt like I couldn’t break through that wall. Friends recommended tutors they worked with, but for the exorbitant fees they were asking, I would be taxing my family far too much. It was bad enough that the exam was taking time, but money would be in even shorter supply if I had to pay through the nose. Fortunately for me, Steve Zikman reassured me things could be fixed after seeing a frustrated rant I wrote on a bar taker’s website. I was so tired of my life being on hold. Emailing Steve was the best decision I made for my bar experience. Steve is a straightforward tutor, who kept it professional and succinct. He spent time working with me on my subject essays over the phone, which made it easier for me to ask him questions as we went along. His formula for passing the bar is incredible. It armed me with much-needed confidence, even for subjects I didn’t have down pat. Even after I took the bar exam, Steve let me know I could call or email him during the excruciating waiting period. I ended up doing exactly that a week before results were released; my mind was wandering into insecure and frightened territory. He calmly went over what I told him during the bar exam and reminded me of good things I said. Knowing he was with me the whole time really bolstered my faith. Steve is really a great bar coach. I’m grateful I took a chance and contacted him for help. Seeing my name on the pass list was one of the best feelings of my life. Although I felt miserable for my failures, the feeling of triumph blew the bad feelings out of the water. I can’t say enough about Steve, the man who helped me to finally enjoy Thanksgiving again.”


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