Tom Vertanous (Loyola Law School)

“Steve is a phenomenal tutor—he knows how to pinpoint your problem while providing with a roadmap to correcting them. If you have used Barbari or Themis and have received cookie cutter responses, such as: “needs more analysis” or “do IRAC”, you are not alone. My biggest problem with Themis was that I did not know what I was doing wrong. As such, I would keep repeating the same mistakes over. However, with Steve’s approach it became evident what my problems were after my first essay, and with some work, I was able to understand and correct those same mistakes.  Aside from the general tips and tricks Steve’s program provides (structure, layout, into, conclusion, transition words), Steve’s program also provides students with a plan that is tailored for them. For example, after a few essays, it became apparent to me that I was too vague—rather than spending the time to explain the importance of a fact, I would move onto the next issue, leaving behind a general, none passing answer. However, using Steve’s approach, I was able to delineate the power and importance of analyzing’s key facts. Over time, I developed the ability to quickly pinpoint: key issues, facts, and even words, which in turn allowed me to attract points many test takers do miss, resulting in a passing score.  In addition to the tangible skills I picked up using Steve’s program, I also entered test day with a new found confidence. Rather than worrying about what essay topic’s I may receive, or pondering on what I didn’t know, I walked into test day ready to tackle anything that was coming way.”


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