K.G. (Hastings / now UC Law San Francisco)

“After sitting for the California Bar three times, using three different prep methods, I can honestly say that Steve’s structured yet personalized approach is what made the difference and helped me ultimately pass. I had previously used a large commercial course and a different personal tutor and trusted that as long as I followed those test taking approaches, put in the work, did all of the practice questions and essays that I could, that I would be fine. By the time I found Steve, I had lost my job due to failed attempts and was incredibly demoralized and defeated. I felt that I knew the information being tested, worked tirelessly, and adjusted my study approach, but it was not reflected in my scores. I did not understand what I was doing wrong and why others taking those same courses were able to pass. After speaking with Steve, I knew his approach would be a better fit for me. Throughout our time working together, I felt that Steve saw me as a person, rather than a statistic. He helped me to better understand the exam and see it for what it is (and is not). Steve’s approach struck an effective balance between teaching me to apply the material in a manner that would receive credit from graders and providing personalized feedback and insight that helped pinpoint my specific roadblocks. I appreciated that the physical materials he provided were organized in a way to help me easily memorize and effectively apply the rules. For me however, the biggest difference was that Steve had me immediately rewrite practice essays and write down detailed, guided reflections that helped me focus my improvement. This approach proved more effective for me than trying to get through as many essays or questions as possible and forced me to make space for much-needed personal reflection. I am grateful for Steve’s support and care as I learned the best way for ME to pass this extremely difficult exam. His approach gave me the skills and self-confidence necessary to feel more in control of the test and be the best exam-taker I could be. I felt confident that I knew what a highly-graded essay or performance exam looked like and confident that I had a plan of attack for the essays that I could put into action immediately and avoid wasting time spinning my wheels. His approach helped me to not feel lost. I highly recommend him and his approach to anyone, particularly to re-takers.”


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