Kirsten A. Holstrom (Trinity Law and Graduate School)

“After several attempts, several tutors and thousands of dollars wasted, I finally did something right and hired Steve Zikman. Steve not only taught me how to ‘attack’ every essay (even the subjects that were not my best), but he also taught me that you need more than just ‘knowledge’ of the law to pass the exam. He showed me repeatedly the importance of what made a ‘passing essay’. I always under estimated the importance of organization, conciseness, headnotes, conclusions and timing. Before Steve I would read an essay and regurgitate everything I knew about that subject without a lot of thought as to where an issue should be addressed or how I should conclude. Obviously that method had not worked for me. Steve taught me how to read the essay and then analyze it in a fashion that was systematic; yet thorough and easy for the grader to follow. The guidance, instruction and materials that Steve provided to me were worth far more than any price I paid. He not only taught me how to consistently write a passing essay (regardless of the subject), but he also taught me how to handle, organize and ‘break apart ‘ the worst performance exams that the CA bar has given. His methods, again, were based on presentation, organization and conciseness. Steve ‘s dedication and commitment to his students goes well beyond what any other tutor provides (and yes, I have used a few). The only thing that I regret is not using him the first time around. Had I done so, I know I would have passed. Steve worked around the clock, 7 days a week with me. He analyzed what I was doing wrong; addressed those concerns and then focused on my strengths. It was my strengths that allowed me to finally pass. When I took the February bar exam, because of Steve, I was ready for anything that the examiners threw at me: good, bad or tricky. There was nothing that I feared because I was ready. I would recommend Steve to any student who wants to pass CA bar exam and move on to the next chapter of their life.”


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