B.R. (University of San Diego, School of Law)

“The first time I took the bar, I used BarBri. Unfortunately, the feedback I received on my BarBri essays was only a score with the same comment “needs more analysis”, and no matter how much analysis I added it was always the same comment. Since I worked full-time, I thought I was going to be doomed in the eternal repeater cycle, because I didn’t have time to parse BarBri’s feedback & model answers to determine how to write a passing answer. Steve taught me his approach and he explained how having a very clear and organized answer made it easier for examiners to pass you. While I thought my answers using BarBri’s model was organized, it very apparent that Steve’s approach was significantly better. He also showed me that having an organized answer also made it easier for me to spot weaknesses in my answer. I remember after doing a rewrite of my first essay I could see that I missing analysis for some elements. More importantly, for each essay, he would walk me through my response line-by-line to show me how I could strengthen it. While I programmed by BarBri to think my analysis was weak, Steve showed me that my analysis wasn’t always the problem and that sometimes minor tweaking of my organization greatly increased my score. Steve’s philosophy is to study smarter. By using his flash outlines and his feedback, I saw a huge improvement in my essays/PTs and was able to pass the bar. Thanks Steve!”


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