Kate Broderick (Saint Louis University School of Law)

“After failing the bar on my first try using a commercial bar review, I knew I needed some extra help for my second attempt. I failed by 48 points and was scoring relatively well in the writing portion-although there was definitely some room for improvement. I called several tutors in CA before deciding on Steve. Steve seemed all business, a no nonsense type of tutor who was dedicated to the plan of me passing the bar. Steve has spent a lot of time organizing and thinking of the most effective way to pass the bar. It was very difficult for me to abandon what I thought would get my name on the pass list and adhere to what Steve instructed me to do-but even during the first week I could see his methods produced results. The writing became easier and more effective for maximum points. The MBE (my weakest area) did not improve until I dedicated the time to learning from my wrong answers as instructed by Steve-it is not how many you do but how you learn and study from your mistakes that will help you. I highly recommend Steve-he will give you the method to pass, you just have to be dedicated to do it.”


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