Jeremy C. (Michigan State University College of Law)

“Steve actually coached me by focusing on my strengths and helping me to not overemphasize my weaknesses. It was completely different approach. I felt that he really cared about me, about how I was doing and that he really wanted me to succeed. Steve provided me with some quantitative strategies for approaching the exam, especially on the essays. He helped me realize the exam is in 3 parts and that there was more to passing the exam than focusing solely on the essays. I was stressing on areas and things that weren’t important. Steve helped me take a step back and refocus on the important things when I otherwise might have quit and not taken the exam. He was a calming influence always checking in on me. Even on the days of the exam, he’d check in. He helped me get things off my chest and shift my focus to the next part of the exam. Steve actually helped me believe in me, that I could actually pass the stupid test. He coached me up, if you understand what that means. In my opinion, that is what sets him apart from other tutors I had in the past.”